Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate

Rossetto - 101 (only lightly spread on)

Rossetto - 110 (only lightly spread on )

Quickly, a little update from me! Sorry I have been away, too long for my liking, but I have been spending some time with the boy since his birthday was yesterday (and we had a scrummy chinese, yum!), and he's had some time off work! Knowing he is now 18, I'll be 18 in around a month's time! Moving on..

Today I went to my local Boots with my mum this morning as we both wanted some new nail polish (we get bored of the colours we have easily..) We both purchased a Rimmel & Barry M polish, which I will be showing you guys - do not worry! We also got some of Boot's own natural collection Mascara (so cheap, on £1.99 and works wonders on my lashes!) Finally, I splurged on these fab lipsticks!

After seeing these shown on llymlrs, I instantly fell in love with her review, and the colours of the lipsticks. Now, when I put the lipstick on my own lips, I didn't swipe as much as I usually would, which is why the colour looks quite 'fainted'. But I love the 101 colour for everyday wear, e.g college, work etc, and the 110 colour for nights out, or shopping, I may even wear it for college knowing me... I also love the matte yet silky, moisturising feel of the lipsticks - plus, they last a great while until re-application. Basically these £5.59 piece of luxury for lips are the best beauty products I have bought so far, cannot wait to wear them every day now, and pull them out of my handbag and everyone admire the red look of the tub!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Disco Pants @ College!

top - new look (sale!)
disco pants - american apparel
creepers - ebay
grey jacket - republic
denim jacket - charity shop
necklace - h&m

I hate not posting as regularly as I do, very sorry everyone :( but college sure gets in the way of a lot, and I've been stressing out over birthdays, had my mother's yesterday, and my boyfriend's 18th tomorrow, arrrgh! I find it SO hard to buy for boys, they are too fussy and like all the expensive things -.-

Anyyyway, no more of my complaining! These photos were took in the freeeezing cold around 6ish at night while walking the dogs, so a change of scenery! I basically wore this outfit for college, my Disco Pants are so comfy and warm to wear when standing waiting for the bus and sitting down in classes, and I can wear them with anything! Autumn is also thriving ahead, so I'll have to show you guys some of my Winter Coats! I just love fur coats at Winter time, so warm and cuddly! 

Have a fab weekend! (I know my friend Sophie will at an upcoming party tommorrow, ey Soph!)
;) - My friend Sophie is my current Blog stalker, say hi everyone haha!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Camo & Creepers!

top - unknown
cardigan - new look (sale £12!)
shorts - vintage
creepers - ebay!
necklaces - stud; delilah dust, cross; miss selfridge

YES, I've finally got a pair of (TeddyBoy shoes as my parents call them..) CREEPERS, faux obviously, I don't think I could, in a millions years, pay for the price for the real ones, the faux ones just look too real! It's not like Van's and Converse's where you can easily tell that their pair are fake! But I just love them, and I will be wearing them like crazy once this weather has calmed down, don't want to ruin them!

It's a shame about the weather.. my camera even hates it with the bad quality photos, and my house is too dark and I hate photos in artificial light! Prrrrf, I'd rather it snow that rain..

Oh, also excuse my hair in the photos, I'm STILL growing it :(
Please anyone with any hair growing tips, COMMENT & SHARE! Thank you :D 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Riding Pants, e.g Thermals

jumper - h&m
riding pants - american apparel
boots - tesco f+f
necklace - primark

I cannot wait for the abso freezing - 2894374 weather now, because I know I'll be able to survive through the ice cold storms, because of my riding pants - they are honestly the warmest things I have ever put on my legs before! The day I wore this outfit, was quite a cold day, but I was toasty warm because of my pants. I feel like a grandad talking about his thermals and how they work wonders to keep him warm.. but I am sadly a very cold person, I get cold and feel the cold very easily!

Yesterday I did two seperate 4 hour shifts at work yesterday, the first 4 hours my shift, and the second 4 hours, covering for somebody else, and my legs were like jelly - I sure slept well last night!
Today I'm off to go book somewhere to spend my 18th with my boyfriend, should be lovely, can't wait for a few days away! Oh, and I'm also finishing off my Mum and my boyfriends birthday shopping. Mum's is on the 27th and the boy's is on the 29th (turning 18!), so two birthdays this week! -wipes sweat off face!-

Keep your eyes peeled on my posts - I have just got some faux Creepers
(^ I've fallen in luuuuurve!)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Meet my outfit & my friendlings!

Hi everyone! I've got a personal, yet unique blog post for you today - my outfit & a chance to meet some of my close-knit friendlings! We actually took all these photos while out on a College trip at a Sculpture Park, and this is what happens when we wap out our cameras! Enjoy! :)

Outfit -
jacket - primark (last year)
jumper - h&m
shirt (underneath jumper) - new look
shorts - vintage
boots - tesco f+f

Me - Sophie - Molly - Anna - my besties :)

Feeling on top of the world!

Me & Anna - the first person I told about my blog! Shes' off to
 LDN Fashion Weekend & I'm majorly jealous!

My expensive sandwich at £4.75.. was yum though!

Anna playing around with my camera - me checking Twitter ;)

Me & my sandwich = L0VE

And to end it, my sexy Mollz ;)

Well I hope you enjoyed my unique post, I love adding a bit of a personal touch to my Blog!
I'm also jel of Sophie, she's got a pair of Creepers and I'm soo tempted to buy a pair.. what do you think guys, will they suit me!? 

ALSO, if you could, please vote for me on Twitter for the Redrock Comp by following @TEAMREDROCK_ and retweet my design HERE! THANK YOU LOVIES! xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Getting ready for Winter - Beauty & Outfits!

This post, is quite an unique post! I've put together a collection of photos of my fave jumpers
I shall be wearing in the Winter Season, oh, and a few other bits and bobs ;)

H&M Necklace - £7.99 - Looks gorgeous over
big, thick & woolie jumpers!

Green Jumper - Matalan (cannot remember price, but is recent!)
I just fell in love with the arms and the colour!

This cute jumper is from TKMaxx from the Mod Box Section (not sure on price) but
all I know it is a bargain price!

H&M Cream Jumper - £7.99! These are such a bargain price for your Winter
Wardrobe! - However, they are slightly on the 'cropped' side'

This beauty is from Topshop - last year unfortunately! I love the fairsle print
& the cute pockets and collar! 

This thick 'Christmas' jumper is Vintage - I wear it when it is abso freeeezing outside!
I paid around £20+ for this!

This dogtooth style jumper is from a charity shop! I think I paid £5.99 for it
last year - so warm, comfy, oversized and perfect with anything denim :)


My silly little beauty tip...

Right, this silly beauty tip may or may not help you - but I hope you may realise something from it!
This little tub eventually stopped pouring out my Pore-Fessional, and I was just abut to through it away, and eureka! I grabbed my pair of scissors, and cut it in half, to find out I had LOADS left, almost half a tub!?
What I learnt there is, I'm never chucking anything like this away before cutting it up! - I hope I made you realise how much you are wasting away if you don't take-a-look-before-you-bin!

Abso loads left there!

Will do me a couple of face-full of it :)

I hope you liked this post - outfit posts coming soon ;)