Friday, 2 November 2012

My 18th Birthday!

tunic - primark
cardi - new look
creepers - ebay
necklace - topshop
socks - topshop

Hiii everyone! So sorry I've been gone, but I am deffo back! I have been busy celebrating my birthday! I went away with my boyfriend to Edinburgh for a few nights and had a lovely time, headed shopping yesterday and today is my 18th birthday, and I'm actually blogging on it! (Thats how much I miss it!) I don't feel 18 at all.. crazy to think I am ha!

I have certainly been spoilt this birthday, my parents got me the trip to Edinburgh, an iphone 4, and a gorgeous coat that I'm in love with! (Will be showing you all) They also got me lots of little bits and bobs :)
My boyfriend gave me the biggest suprise ever! Getting me tickets to see Ed Sheeran on Monday Night and I am sooo excited such a dream come true to see him play live with my fave person ever, he also showered me with lots of other loving gifts, and is cooking me a meal tonight, yum!

So back to my outfit posts, I got my tunic in Primark yesterday, I love it loads with the studs and the prints, but wish I got a baggier size.. I wore it with my warm camo jacket (getting so cold now!) and my gorgeous creepers. I've also bought a nice pair of boots which I will show you guys soon. I've also cut back my fringe since I got sick and tired of growing it out, I cut it back hhaha! Ah well, it grows ;)


  1. Can't believe you're only just 18. You look so much older!
    Happy belated birthday anyway :) x

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday,your hair looks great!:)xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great time :)
    Great outfit! I love that top with wolf on it ;)


  4. I love your top! I hope you had a great birthday :). X

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like an amazing one! I'd love to go to Edinburgh.
    Gorgeous top too,

    Rosie x

  6. Happy late birthday sweetie... hope all your wishes are granted!♡

  7. love the wolf-print! happy birthday- have a wonderful day! enjoy your birthday and the weekend! :-)

  8. Happy birthday! Welcome to adulthood ;D seems like you had a great time. Now go get drunk seeing as it's legal ;)

  9. Yay Happy birthday lovely! This dress is killer x

  10. I hope you have had a lovely birthday! You deserve it.

  11. You really suit a fringe, it looks amazing. And I love that camo cardigan! Happy Birthday :)

  12. wheres your SMILE? it was your birthday!! would've expected a happier face haha

    miss drifted snow white


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