Friday, 31 August 2012

Some little splurges..

Avon Moroccan Argan Oil

Avon Far Away Perfume

Benefit's Pore-fessional

New shirt from New Look

My bargain H&M shorts

My new chelsea booties from F+F Tesco

Here are some lovely splurges I have bought the past few weeks.. I love buying new things, they make me feel happy and excited like a 5 year old.. who else shops and gets very excited!?

Avon Moroccan Oil - I'm not sure how much this cost, but I'm pretty sure it was at a reasonable price since I wouldn't of got it! I love this oil, I always slap a few drops on my dry ends on hair and all over, usually after a shower on damp hair, but you can also use it on dry hair for some shine, softness and to liven up your dry ends!
Avon Far Away Perfume - This is one of my fave ever perfumes, I've used this for many years now. When I first met my boyfriend, I used to slap this on all over me, and he used to compliment on it haha! So it's kinda close to my heart, but also smells divine. It's not a Summer scent, as it is not 'light' it's a very 'heavy, musky' smell that is quite 'spicy' too. I know I make it sound like it smells awful, but it just doesn't! It's very exotic.
Benefit Pore-fessional Primer - Ever since I got the little tub from a magazine, I've been addictive. It's brilliant for keeping on my make-up, making it glide smoothly on, and making my skin look good! I love it being part of my make-up routine!
Peter pan collar shirt from New Look - This was a bargain price at £12.99, and also with my work discount it was cheaper! I just love the pattern on this shirt, it's soo jazzy! The peter pan collar is also too cute, along with the little puff sleeves! Deffo one of my fave shirts in my wardobe right now.
H&M sandy shorts - These were a bargain price of £3 in the sale! I wasn't so keen when I picked them up, but I tried them on and they fit me like a glove and I knew they would fit perfectly in my drawer full of shorts.. for £3.. I'm not breaking my bank!
F+F Tesco Chelsea boots - I've seen these gorgeous boots on some amazing fashion bloggers lately, and when I found them in my local Tesco, I immediately tried them on and fell in love! I can see myself wearing these beauties a lot over the autumn season, they just go with everything I own! They weren't also badly priced at £15! Smiles all around for me!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

This is what I’d take for a Milan city break with easyJet Holidays

This is what I’d take for a Milan city break with easyJet Holidays!

  As you lovely readers would know, last week I entered the London Fashion Week Blogger Competition, where for 3 weeks, bloggers can publish a post on their blog about the outfit they would take to a certain place that is listed on the competition page! It is now the 2nd week, and I have chose to go to Milan City with easyJet Holidays! Milan is such a gorgeous City - full of Fashion sources, so I knew I had to make up a fab outfit for a fashionable city!

This whole outfit, is selected from the wonderful shop, Zara. I chose this shop because I just know they have soo many striking pieces of clothing, as well as some classic, plain pieces which are still so wonderful!
  My outfits, in my opinion, always consist of one plain piece and one patterned/striking piece that stands out, so I started to look for the bottoms first, and I came across that skirt above, I knew I would wear it as I am a sucker for tribal printed clothing, and plus it's embellished! 
  Next, I got the pink shirt, I kind of have an obsession for shirts atm, so I knew this beautiful crystal piece would match perfectly!
  Moving on to accessories.. well, I really didn't want any Jewlerry, I felt it would just ruin the whole outfit, so I went straight to the bags to look for a classic piece, and I found just what I was looking for! The gorgeous black bag above looks so vintage and classy - perfect. Finally, the shoes! Well, I was looking for a plain pair, but I just saw the Ballerina pumps and fell in love, too many jewels won't harm one girl.. ;)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mama he's the best I've ever had,

 top - new look
shorts - vintage shop
necklace - present
shoes - matalan

I'm very glad I had these photo's stored on my Camera, as right now, it is pouring with rain outside, and I really would love to take some outfit post photos wah! It's very dark today as well, so taking my outfit photos inside will make the photos look horrible! It's a shame how us bloggers rely on the weather for nice natural light, and a clear day with no rain to take our photos!

The shirt that I'm wearing, is my new, fave thing in my wardrobe right now! I'm in love with the dusty pink colour, then the unique square print, I just love it and I cannot wait to wear it with a jumper in Winter.

Last night I made the biggest mess dying my hair a lighter shade, earlier in the year I had blonde highlights put it, and they started to grow out, making my hair look dull and just yuck.. Now I'm a happier, lighter shade with a shine on my hair, woo! I just still need it to grow.. I want my hair to be all one length - thats going to take a long, long time. I sometimes wish I could wear a different wig everyday, be soo much eaiser hehe!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CandyFloss - My nails of the week!

Blue shade - From 'Miss Sporty'  |  Pink Shade - From 'Barry M'

This post is going be a new part of my Blog! I have felt inspired by other bloggers to show my 'nails of the week' because sometimes I wear some cute colours, and add some funky designs on, so I thought I could inspire you lovely readers with my nail designs! Each week I will post my nails with the colours and designs I have done! Today I went for quite a 'candy-colour theme.' They look good enough to eat!
I hope you enjoy this post and the upcoming nail posts, I am now off to dye my hair (hopefully) a lighter brown, with a lot of shine! My hair looks soo dull right now..

Monday, 27 August 2012

It's a quarter after one..

Top - Topshop
Skirt - H&M (old-ish)
Necklace - New Look
Shoes - Ebay
Headband - Made by me!

Yay! I have included my D.I.Y Headband in an outfit post, and I just love it, I'm a very proud girlie for making it hehe. I always feel like I've done something very good when I've made something for myself!

So, I have craved in and bought one of those Topshop crop top that everyone seems to have atm! It's deffo perfect for all the high-waisted stuff I own! I feel like I'm from the 80's or 90's when I wear it.. grungy! 
I'm also loving all these green toned and cameo prints, and felt glad with myself that I have kept this skirt from last year, it will deffo fit in with this years trend! - Cannot wait for winter and Xmas now! 

I've also been asked to a short 5 minute interview by the lovely Sofia Chand! 
You can read the interview over at here!! I really enjoyed getting to know her and asking some questions where I seriously had to think.. haha :)

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Disco Pants & Fringes

Top - Unsure.. a shop closing down..
Disco Pants - American Appreal
Bag - Charity shop (£9!!!)
Shoes - Matalan
Necklace - Delilah Dust

I have finally jumped into my Disco Pants once again! I do love these pants, they are truly amazing. Thank you Sandy, from Grease from making them look amazing! ;) I will deffo be wearing these babies, and my Taupe Coloured Riding Pants A-LOT this Winter, they will go perfectly with all my jumpers in my wardrobe. Ah, I seriously cannot wait to get my Winter Woolies out, I miss my over-sided jumpers! <3

As I wore this outfit for going shopping, I took a photo of one of my fave handbags! I remember earlier on in the Summer I was looking for a Fringed Bag, but never found anything I liked.. So I went Charity Shopping in my Town, and this stunning bag caught my eye, and it was only £9!! Truly is my best buy this Summer... along my with Disco and Riding Pants hehe!

Have a fab Bank Holiday Weekend! And don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY HERE!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

D.I.Y Floral Headbands!

Well, today I have been really productive! I have been Tie-dying, Dip-dying, Studding, Cutting, and making these gorgeous Headbands! I've been wanting to buy a Floral Headband for ages now, but never could splurge because of the prices they sell at! So I decided to make my own, and give a little step-by-step guided for you lovely readers, if you're feeling inspirational :)

Step no.1 - Buy some Flowers with bendable stems
I got these Cream ones with Green leaves from Dunelm for £1.99

These were also from Dunelm at £1.99

This bunch was from The range at £1.79, but did not 
have many other colours, just white!

Step no.2 - Buy some Headbands that will fit you well
I got these from Home Bargains at 39p each

Step no.3 - Understand the style of Headband you are making,
then start to wrap the bendable stem around the headband,
try to get it as tightly wrapped as you can!

Hopefully it should look a bit like this, stuck out from
your headband!

Step no.4 - Keep adding flowers around the headband,
still trying to keep the stem tightly wrapped on

Step no.5 - Finish it off by either gluing a bit of the stems 
together, or even just leaving it as it is!

Your final piece should look a bit like this!

My first attempt to my headband!

My second attempt to making a headband!

  I am seriously pleased with my D.I.Y Floral Headbands, I think they are gorgeous! AND, it only cost me £6.55 in total to make TWO Floral Headbands, and I still have some flowers left over! I also really enjoyed making them, and I even want to some more! You lovely readers, will deffo be seeing me in a lot of my outfit posts, as they are such an easy and cheap way to instantly glam up an outfit! I hope I have inspired you all to go and make your own, if you do, I would love to see all your designs! :)

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This is what I’d take for a Paris city break with easyJet Holidays

This is what I'd take for a Paris City Break with easyJet Holidays!

  Yesterday, I received an Email, inviting me to enter the London Fashion Week Blogger Competition, thanks to easyJet and Design Ada Zanditon. I was suddenly 'oooh-ing' when it said 'London Fashion Week'. Bascially, the competition is where Bloggers can choose between two trendy destinations to get inspired by, and make an outfit out of it! Each week, for 3 week's you can choose a different place, with a different outfit. I though it would be rather fun as I would certainly style myself as to where I would be going, oh, and I'd definitely love to go to London Fashion Week! 

  My outfit consisted of, well, everything Topshop! I knew Topshop would be perfect for picking an outfit for Paris as the City is so Chic and Elegant, and Topshop would deffo fit that criteria! 
Firstly, I knew straight away I wanted a pair of Jeans, because they are so Chic, yet Casual, and I paired it with an Embelished Blouse with a Peter pan collar, to 'wow' everyone in Paris! 
Next, I knew that the Blouse was very OTT, so that accessories weren't going to compliment the outfit, so I chose a bold, studded cuff that would do the job. 
Moving on to the bag, I knew Leather would perfect the outfit, and a Duffle bag would fit all the souvenirs brought! 
Finally, a great pair of Black Boots with a Heel would just perfect the Outfit as the Boots go with almost anything, and look very stylish while walking the street's of Paris!

I hope you all like the Outfit!
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We spend all our time laying side by side..

Top - H&M
Shorts - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Necklace - New Look
Shoes - Ebay

  Meet my Baby, and my little Madam; Maddie. She's my little Sausage Dog who, everytime I go outside to take some photographs of my Outfit, she always tries to get in the photo, so my Mum (My handy Photographer!) Tries to lure her away from me, and some day's she won't hehe! 

  My outfit today is simple, just like my day! I love my Lace Blouse/Top, it simply is gorgeous and will go with anything in my wardrobe, I even have 2 other colours in this Top   

I seriously have the urge to go and splurge.. I'm needing a few new nice things in my wardrobe..
Who's with me? ;)

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