Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tights Please Blogger Challenge

Top - H&M Sale
Shorts - Topshop
Tights - c/o tightsplease Red or Dead
Flatforms - Ebay
Necklace - Miss Selfridge Sale

So here is my Outfit with my Blue Red or dead Tights c/o www.tightsplease.co.uk. These Tights are the most softest tights I have every tried on in my life, and I honestly go through soo many tights in the year, these are the softest, comfiest and best quality-est I have ever seen, and I seriously love the sexy side pattern! I was soo scared to rip them, but it was almost impossible to do so. Since getting these tights I looked up Red or Dead, and found some really funky, fun designs that would brighten up any outfit! Click here to see some amazing Red or Dead tights!

I must be honest with you guys, but these where very hard to style.. At first I was thinking about going for an all black look and let the tights do the talking, but I thought it would be quite boring.. so I found some shorts that had a similar colour blue as the tights, and paired it with them and a black top, and I was happy with how they worked together! These tights have deffo encouraged me to go a bit wilder and try different coloured tights instead of just black :)

Monday, 30 July 2012


Top - Charity Shop £3.00, But from River Island
Shorts - Ebay, But from Topshop
Shoes - Ebay, from China
Lipstick - Barry M

Hey everyone! Today I felt like clashing some studs and stripes together, and my shorts and my top do this perfectly! I really love putting these two pieces of clothing together, they look so fun with the stripes, colours and studs all together in one outfit!

I have been quite a piggy this weekend, I've been out twice for some yummy food, one at a Country Pub and a Fish and Chip shop. For you who didn't know, I am actually a vegetarian so I am very limited to what I eat when I go out, but I always find something different and unique to try instead of meat every time! If you are a big meat eater, I suggest you take some time out to enjoy the foods without meat - extra delicious!

Today I received in the post Benefit's 'They're Real!' Mascara, which I brought off Ebay (I <3 Ebay!) and I am telling you, I am not buying any other Mascara in my life, it really does lengthen and longer your lashes!
Maybe I'm going crazy over Benefit, I'm even off for a free Make-over at the Counter on Friday!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


First Outfit -
Top - H&M
Leggings - American Apparel 
Shoes - New Look (Old)
Necklace - c/o Delilah Dust

Second Outfit - 
Top - Tesco (Old)
Levi Shorts - Vintage store
Shoes - Ebay

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for been gone a few days, I have been working and had birthdays and days out!
I just want to say, THANK YOU to my lovely 60 followers I have just gained, I am a happy girl :)

So, I have finally worn my Disco Pants, wooo! I wore them out to my Grandad's birthday meal last night, and I found it hard to find a top to go with them, because they literally go with anything... but I decided a plain top, so the pants would do all the talking! I am deffo happy with my Disco Pants, best £70 ever spent in my opinion, they are deffo worth it for the quality, comfort and stretchyness, even the tucking-in-ness ;)
Anyone who is umm-ing and ahh-ing about purchasing them - GET THEM! :) 

My second outfit was more of a casual cool everyday wear. I just love the polka dot print top from Tesco, cannot beat Supermarket clothing sometimes! Bargain and quality!

A few of you have been asking about Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation I purchased, and I am rather pleased with it! It is quite a light foundation and you can build it up for a more medium coverage, and it feel like you are not wearing any Foundation at all! It instantly makes your skin look fresher, and it is quite surprising as you only need a little squirt, and that little dot of foundation covers your whole face!

Hope you enjoyed my double outfit post :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012



Cheeky Purchases!

Benefit - Hello Flawless Foundation

Silver Shampoo (For my Blondey Highlights!)

Boots Natural Collection Mascara & Barry M Kohl Pencil (For my eyebrows!)

Top - American Apparel 
Shorts - H&M
Belt - Primark
Necklace - New Look
Shoes - Ebay, China

Well, I honestly didn't think I would be doing such a big post with soo many photos! I hope you enjoy it!
Well today I wore a new top from American Apparel, which came free with my Disco & Riding Pants, and I knew it would fit perfectly with my Paisley Shorts which are soo pink and Summery - both a match made in heaven! I added a belt and a gold necklace to glam my outfit up!

Well, my cheeky purchases... I was running out of Eyebrow Pencil, Foundation and Mascara, so I went up to my local Boots with my Mum.. I was looking and looking for a Foundation, until a a Benefit Lady came and drew my too the Benefit counter, and she did my Foundation and glammed me up - a free makeover!
I found the Hello Flawless Foundation really good, and so I brought it, deffo worth the money!

I usually use a cheap mascara as I have quite long lashes anyway, so Boots Own does me fine! However, when I got invited to the Benefit Counter by a lovely lady, she told me to try their Benefit Mascara called They're Real! And oh my gosh, my lashes just automatically GREW! I am deffo buying that Mascara next..

Then I found a good Pencil from Barry M, I know it's a Kohl liner, but they work on eyebrows as well as eyes, and I wanted to try a new Brown shade, and Kohl's, in my opinion, last longer..

Finally, I also brought some Silver Shampoo.. I know I'm not blonde, but my blonde highlights are fading and I want to bring them back! 

PHEW *wipes brow* - hope you enjoyed my HUGE post! :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012



Redrock fashion are calling all Fashion Bloggers to enter there comp to win some goodies!
I really couldn't resist as they have some gorgeous thing on their website (link above!) I just want to own every single thing on their website, it would just complete my wardrobe! 

But I knew I couldn't have it all, (wah!) so I spent a good while looking through and picked those amazing Tie Dye Shorts from their website, then I instantly knew they would be the perfect pair of Festival Shorts, so I was on track to do a Festival themed outfit! Next I chose a Fringed top, again perfect for the Summer Festivals! The shorts and top are both from Redrock, and seriously need to be in my wardrobe!

Then, I moved onto some Flatforms (love those shoes!) and I think they were from Whistles, they look soo comfy and okay for the puddles in the Festivals, and finally chose an Aztec style bag - you are not ready for a Festival if you don't take anything with an Aztec Print with you!

I hope you all like my outfit :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Playsuit - Topshop
Flatforms - Ebay
Necklace - Delilah Dust

This is what England has been waiting for - THE SUN! Get outside and enjoy it while it lasts -
because it won't last long... :(
Today I am wearing my lovely Paradise Playsuit from Topshop a few Summers ago. I always wear it on hol, and because of this silly English weather, I hardly wear it.. But I know sooner or later I will become too warm and head for a lighter top and a pair of shorts..

Yesterday I received my American Appeal Disco Pants and the Riding pants! I was very very very chuffed with them, and I will be jumping into them when I get chance, it's too warm for them atm! To anyone umm-ing and ahh-ing about getting them because of the price, I wa the same, but I say GO FOR IT! It's the quality you are buying, not quantity.

Well I'm off for a bike ride and to chill in the sun, enjoy your day! :) 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Abbiee's perfect Summer look!

Hey guys! I wanted to make a new, different post today, and because it's sunny outside, but very windy, I thought I would choose my own, Perfect Summer Look using the clothes and accessories I own! - I hope you enjoy this post :)

 Stock up on the bracelets!

Always include a Cross Bracelet ( I just love this bracelet..)

Try a Festival style and include a head-band

Wear some unique earrings, these are some long ombre fringed earrings!

Wear Stone pendants as necklaces, maybe with a cross necklace if your daring!

Vans = Perfect for Summer, wear with everything and anything!

Get your High-Waisted Shorts out and wear them!

If you remember on my last post, I said I was off to the sea-side! And this is what I wore ^
Comfy and Casual! Not forgetting my Frilly Socks with the Vans :)

So there was my perfect Summer Style, my way! I hope I was a little bit inspirational , and maybe encouraging you to wear more jewellery and accessories in this gorgeous weather!