Sunday, 29 July 2012


First Outfit -
Top - H&M
Leggings - American Apparel 
Shoes - New Look (Old)
Necklace - c/o Delilah Dust

Second Outfit - 
Top - Tesco (Old)
Levi Shorts - Vintage store
Shoes - Ebay

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for been gone a few days, I have been working and had birthdays and days out!
I just want to say, THANK YOU to my lovely 60 followers I have just gained, I am a happy girl :)

So, I have finally worn my Disco Pants, wooo! I wore them out to my Grandad's birthday meal last night, and I found it hard to find a top to go with them, because they literally go with anything... but I decided a plain top, so the pants would do all the talking! I am deffo happy with my Disco Pants, best £70 ever spent in my opinion, they are deffo worth it for the quality, comfort and stretchyness, even the tucking-in-ness ;)
Anyone who is umm-ing and ahh-ing about purchasing them - GET THEM! :) 

My second outfit was more of a casual cool everyday wear. I just love the polka dot print top from Tesco, cannot beat Supermarket clothing sometimes! Bargain and quality!

A few of you have been asking about Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation I purchased, and I am rather pleased with it! It is quite a light foundation and you can build it up for a more medium coverage, and it feel like you are not wearing any Foundation at all! It instantly makes your skin look fresher, and it is quite surprising as you only need a little squirt, and that little dot of foundation covers your whole face!

Hope you enjoyed my double outfit post :)


  1. love disco pants, i need some for myself xx

  2. Like the short, great outfits.
    X An

  3. you look fab!! I really want some disco pants!

  4. LOVING your disco pants, i'm jealous. your outfits are really pretty, especially the levis xx

  5. Love the disco pants! I really want a pair!

  6. Lovely outfits! I wish I had a pair of disco pants :') x

  7. Those two outfits are lovely! You're so beautiful and photogenic too! I love the disco pants in the first post, I really want to buy some but my legs are far too fat and I won't be able to pull it off. I love your sense of style and how you create perfect ensembles effortlessly!

  8. cool looks! :)


  9. Congrats on your followers, you do indeed have a lovely blog. And both are these outfits are fabulous...very simple and chic! And gah why do I not have a pair of disco pants yet? Must resist blowing my entire wages on them this week!

    Gemma x

  10. cute outfit.

    Just started to follow your blog! Maybe you could check mine out! :)


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