Thursday, 23 August 2012

D.I.Y Floral Headbands!

Well, today I have been really productive! I have been Tie-dying, Dip-dying, Studding, Cutting, and making these gorgeous Headbands! I've been wanting to buy a Floral Headband for ages now, but never could splurge because of the prices they sell at! So I decided to make my own, and give a little step-by-step guided for you lovely readers, if you're feeling inspirational :)

Step no.1 - Buy some Flowers with bendable stems
I got these Cream ones with Green leaves from Dunelm for £1.99

These were also from Dunelm at £1.99

This bunch was from The range at £1.79, but did not 
have many other colours, just white!

Step no.2 - Buy some Headbands that will fit you well
I got these from Home Bargains at 39p each

Step no.3 - Understand the style of Headband you are making,
then start to wrap the bendable stem around the headband,
try to get it as tightly wrapped as you can!

Hopefully it should look a bit like this, stuck out from
your headband!

Step no.4 - Keep adding flowers around the headband,
still trying to keep the stem tightly wrapped on

Step no.5 - Finish it off by either gluing a bit of the stems 
together, or even just leaving it as it is!

Your final piece should look a bit like this!

My first attempt to my headband!

My second attempt to making a headband!

  I am seriously pleased with my D.I.Y Floral Headbands, I think they are gorgeous! AND, it only cost me £6.55 in total to make TWO Floral Headbands, and I still have some flowers left over! I also really enjoyed making them, and I even want to some more! You lovely readers, will deffo be seeing me in a lot of my outfit posts, as they are such an easy and cheap way to instantly glam up an outfit! I hope I have inspired you all to go and make your own, if you do, I would love to see all your designs! :)

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  1. This is such a clever idea! I've seen headbands like these on sale for over £20 in some places! Yours looks lovely! xx

    Violence & Fashion

  2. wow, really cool idea and it looks so pretty:) :)

  3. Love this DIY!

  4. Love them!

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  5. Such a cute idea - I love how yours turned out!

    xo, Lela
    fashion blog -

  6. that looks so great! such a good money saving idea instead of forking out for a shop bought one! x

  7. such a simple idea but works so well. looks amazing. x

  8. They look beautiful Abby, and VERY professionally made looking!

  9. These are so cute !! Pefect for festivals

    Siany xo

  10. Woww...soooo beautiful!! I love projects DIY, you're really talented and creative! I also love headbands, my last post is about it ;)
    You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin’? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


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  11. Super cute! Will have to try this :)

  12. This is so pretty, love it! Thanks for sharing the DIY, following your blog now.


  13. love this diy! great job :) it looks great on you <3

    Alexa <3

  14. Great DIY post! I may have to try this. :) x

  15. These are amazing - so pretty but simple! :)

  16. Aww thanks :) these are so lovely! Amazing job! xx

  17. loveeely post!! great blog!

    come check me out if you can! :) xxx

  18. This headband is so pretty :)

    Jo. x

  19. I love this, such a good job! Floral headbands are so pretty but I don't know if I would suit one! So you're from York too? Do you have any recommendations for things to do cos I only moved here recently? :)

  20. Such a cool idea!


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