Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ohabbiee's Beauty Regime

Right then! Time for a different post for you lovely readers. I thought I would show you guys what I use for my beauty regime. I love being nosey about what other people use, so here is mine! :)

1 - Clinique 3 Step - Everyday and every night I use these 3 step. First I use the face wash, second the toner, and third the moisturiser. I have quite Oily Skin, so I use the Oily Formula, this makes my skin look and feel fresh and clean, and helps tone down my oily-ness.  
2 - Silver Shampoo Daily Maintence Shampoo & Pantene Repair & Protect Conditioner - These are the products I use every time I wash my hair. I usually wash my hair every other day to try and keep it balanced with it's natural hair oils. If I have a 'greasy' hair day, I usually use Bastiste Dry Shampoo, but I hate using it! The Silver Shampoo, I use for making my Highlights in my hair blonder, then I'll use Pantene's Conditioner which is perfect for me, as it is greasy and controls my oily head!
3 - Hello Hydration Intensive Hair Mask - I use this hair mask when I notice my hair is becoming dryer. The mask smells gorgeous and makes my hair smooth, soft, and 'full of life!'
4 - Natural Collection Mascara from Boots & They're Real Mascara from Benefit - I normally always use two mascara's as I notice they lengthen my Eyelashes longer! - Do try this trick! My 'They're Real' Mascara is becoming quite thick and lumpy, so Boot's Natural Collection eases out these clumps on my eyelashes!
5 - Wilkinson's Own Liquid Eyeliner - I always buy cheap Liquid Eyeliner, mainly because I cannot see the difference in 'betterness' from any other Eyeliner!
 6 - Barry M Kohl Pencil & Lancome Le Crayon Kohl - For my Eyebrow's I use Barry M's Kohl Pencil, it works wonders and last's forever compared to special branded 'Eye Pencil's.' It works exactly the same! I sometimes use Lancome's Black Kohl around my eyes.
7 - Hello Flawless Foundation from Benefit - This Creamy Foundation is a gorgeous Liquid and fits my skin colour perfectly. I can build up the Coverage easily. A great Foundation!
8 - PORE - fessional Primer by Benefit - I've never used Primer, but having this little sample, has made me want to use Primers! It makes my Foundation stay on longer than it usually would, and is perfect for hiding imperfections! I need to buy the full size!
9 - Accessorize Blusher - I got this blusher at 'Xmas, and I love it! It gives my cheeks a rosey glow.
10 - Lipsticks - Rimmel, Avon & Barry M - Some of my fave Coloured Lipsticks I put on sometimes.
11 - Vaseline Tub & Lavera SPF 10 Lipbalm - I use these when my Lips are exposed to the Sun & when they are feeling dry. They both work wonders!

Hope you all enjoyed this Post! It's a long read :)


  1. Love the look of that Barry M lipstick! xo


  2. I have the Herbal Essences hair mask but the red one with raspberries :) It's gorgeeus and my hair has never been in better conidition! :)

    I also have the little bottle of benefit primer you have to. I can't believe how soft it makes your skin. Will defo have to try out some of the stuff you use. Particularly the blusher. Looks gorgeous! Xx


  3. I love posts like this because I'm so nosey! I couldn't possibly do one of my regime though because I have so much stuff I generally pick up at random, especially as far as skincare's concerned! I'm a little bit obsessed.

    If you get a sec, please take a look at my St Tropez giveaway - http://xhannahsaidso.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/giveaway-st-tropez-dark-bronzing-mousse.html


  4. That orange lipstick is incredible!! I LOVE orange lipstick!


  5. Lovely post!! Such a great idea! Love the clinique skincare range! Looking for a new one atm!

    new follower xox

  6. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    follow eachother?



  7. I only recently bought Benefit's They're Real and I love it xxx


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