Saturday, 3 November 2012

My new Winter Warmers!

coat - red herring 
jeans - new look
boots - matalan 
gloves - tesco f+f

I'd thought I'd show you guys my new winter coat and booties, even gloves haha! I spent ages looking for a nice coat, that was actually WARM. In many of the High Street Stores there were beaaautiful coats, but felt like I would still freeze myself to death wearing them... Until I came across this beauty in Debenhams from the label, Red Herring. It is gorgeous! It's very parka like, with a twist of tweed and leather panels, and a fur stole around the neck collar. It's also, warm! Yay! I have plenty of other coats, but this is going to be 'it's abso freezzzing today' coat! 

I also got my beauty booties from Matalan! I was searching on eBay and stores for a heeled chelsea boots, but they are had like 7 inch heels on them, and I don't really want trot around in the day in them.. but I found these reasonable sized heeled booties for everyday wear - I learnt you don't have to go to Topshop for a nice pair of boots ;)

My gloves are also from Tesco's clothing range, and they are such a good buy since many gloves don't have insulation inside them - and these do! No holey woolly gloves for me anymore, just warm toasty hands ;)

Friday, 2 November 2012

My 18th Birthday!

tunic - primark
cardi - new look
creepers - ebay
necklace - topshop
socks - topshop

Hiii everyone! So sorry I've been gone, but I am deffo back! I have been busy celebrating my birthday! I went away with my boyfriend to Edinburgh for a few nights and had a lovely time, headed shopping yesterday and today is my 18th birthday, and I'm actually blogging on it! (Thats how much I miss it!) I don't feel 18 at all.. crazy to think I am ha!

I have certainly been spoilt this birthday, my parents got me the trip to Edinburgh, an iphone 4, and a gorgeous coat that I'm in love with! (Will be showing you all) They also got me lots of little bits and bobs :)
My boyfriend gave me the biggest suprise ever! Getting me tickets to see Ed Sheeran on Monday Night and I am sooo excited such a dream come true to see him play live with my fave person ever, he also showered me with lots of other loving gifts, and is cooking me a meal tonight, yum!

So back to my outfit posts, I got my tunic in Primark yesterday, I love it loads with the studs and the prints, but wish I got a baggier size.. I wore it with my warm camo jacket (getting so cold now!) and my gorgeous creepers. I've also bought a nice pair of boots which I will show you guys soon. I've also cut back my fringe since I got sick and tired of growing it out, I cut it back hhaha! Ah well, it grows ;)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Running round leaving scars

 (tryna' be a model ha!)
 top - miss selfridge sale (old!)
jeans - new look
scarf - bootsale
boots - primark (old!)

Just a lil plain outfit for a Sunday when all your doing is seeing family friends, and packing your little bag.
This week is quite a busy week for me, I'm heading off away mon-weds, then heading shopping to medowhall on thursday, my birthday on friday, working saturday and sunday I'm hosting a little party at my house for family I haven't seen in a long while! It's pretty much a birthday week for me!

I will deffo try and do some outfit posts in the week or some different posts, but I'm deadly sorry if I don't :(

I hope you all have a greaaaat week off :D

Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn Leaves Colours

(Some gorgeous tree's in my local village!)

jumper - matalan
shorts - topshop
necklace - new look
scarf - bootsale
socks -topshop
creepers - ebay

Awh, don't the Autumn tree's look too pretty!?  I had to show you guys these lovely tree's in my local village, the vibrant colours are amazing! My outfit was certainly inspired by the colour of all the Autumn Leaves that change, I'm literally wearing every colour that these Autumn leaves on the tree's turn into, bless me!

My green jumper from Matalan, is currently one of my fave chunky knit's! It's longer that you think  I have just sneakily tucked it into my shorts giving me a beer belly ha! I'm also currently wearing my Tartan scarves from the boot sales to death, I love them!

I'm getting so bored of my hair, I'm wanting it to grow so badly :( It currently looks terrible wearing it down, so I'm wearing it up a lot until it grows to a nice length, any growing tips, or new hairstyles I can try on my short, lame hair!? :(

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hello Kitty & Halloweeen nails!

Happy Halloweeeen! - Bloody nails created by clear nail varnish and 'red alert' by Model's Own

Hellooo everyone! I must aloagise again for my absense and lack of outfit posts! College has been in the way completely, with bags of work to be done, along with Personal Statement's etc, etc! But now my half term starts right here, woo! And my birthday week starts on Monday, I am going away with my boyfriend from Monday - Wednesday, then my 18th birthday is Friday, the 2nd of Nov! Exciting, but I feel old aha!

Last night I did my first Halloween nails (too early? nah!) I did bloody nails after looking at some youtube video's with my bezzies! We all fell in love with the designs in this video, here! There is abso loads of youtube if you are stuck for inspiration/ideas!

I also got an iPhone for my birthday (an early bday prezzies off my parents!) And I kinda went crazy the day I got it, I searched all over eBay for some cool cases, and since I am a big Hello Kitty fan, I purchased this case rather happily! I got told I was a saddo by my parents, and even a friend! But I luuurve it and it is currently worn on my iPhone most days. I find it easy to put on and off, and even to text etc with it! There is loads more beaut cases on eBay, and I say you should have a lookie hehe!

Monday, 22 October 2012

It's too cold outfit, for angels to fly

top - topshop (very old)
shorts - vintage shop
necklace - primark
scarf - car boot
creepers - ebay

Just a little outfit post today! It's very dark outfit, so inside photo's with flash had to do :(
I'm going out tonight to watch my boyfriend and his music course play on stage, so will be a nice night! This is the outfit I'm wearing, very classic and simple, not too OTT for a gig! 

I've been soo busy with college work, so I'm not blogging as much as I want too! I miss it.. but I guess everybody is in this situation now, especially with it becoming darker! Christmaaas is coming hehe!
I also got my pumpkin at the weekend.. lol at me..
I also got an amazing iphone hello kitty case, it's too amazing I will HAVE to show you guys soon! :D

Have a greaat week! :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A little car-boot haul!

Black Vintage Handbag/Shoulder bag - £1.00!

Gorgeous Tartan Scarf - 50p!!

Pretty print scarf - 50p!

Paisley Print scarf - 50p!

 The flash and natural light just doesn't show the gorgeous red colour it has!

Red Tartan Scarf - 50p!!

This morning I thought I would pop to one of our local car-boots with my parents, it's not the best car-boot . it's full of farmers and people selling food and meat, but sometimes I come across some lovely stuff! I usually go to this carboot since there is an amazing stall that sells vintage bedding, and all my bedding and pillow cases have been bought for like 50p or £1 that are amazing quality, and have some gorgeous floral designs!

Today I was lucky! I found the vintage black bag for £1, and I know I will use it as an everyday bag as it fit's on my shoulder! The beautiful print scarves at the price of 50p, I just had to get because of the lovely pattern! The best and most favourite buy for a long time now were both my Tartan scarves! I have been searching high and low for a reasonable priced Tartan Scarf, but could never find one nice enough or at a good price, and to find these at 50p each, well, completely made my day! Hoooray for carbootie bargains!

Anyone else get a carbootie bargain today!?