Thursday, 26 February 2015

Summer beauty!

Hey everyone! So this post is basically the second half of my last post, summer dreaming! I wanted to keep the clothes and beauty in separate posts!
So this post is very Chanel based, basically because they have everything I want for a summer face, and a summer fragrance!

I was thankful to receive this from my boyfriend at Christmas - Coco Mademoiselle is my ulta favorite perfume, ever! It's so sweet and
feminine! I think I will only use this bottle for nights out, meals out, etc rather than everyday wear, it's too nice to waste! If you
haven't smelt this scent before, get to the Chanel counter and spray! :) I will open it when I've ran out of my Alien perfume..

I brought this Chanel bronzer last month with my Christmas money I received. As I work in Debenhams, I receive staff discount of 20%,
which is really bad for me as it makes me want to go spend, spend, spend at the beauty counters, eeek!
Moving onto the bronzer, I am so so happy I got it. I plan on using it to give me more of a bronze look on my face when summer comes
as I am naturally so pale! As you can see I have already being playing about with it! The colour is a gorgeous brown that you can easily
build up in colour. As I am so so pale at the moment, I have being using it to contour with my Real Techniques Face Expert brush, to fit in
the contours of my face! The result when using this bronzer is so natural, it's literally looks like you are not wearing anything on your
face. If you like your bronzer to be natural, buildable, and easy to apply (and one that will last forever!) this is the perfect bronzer! :)

Thanks for reading! :) While your here, go check out my friend's blog who I will be collaborating with (a lot!She's my partner in crime in
the blogging world! And amazing at doing make-up!) And she is called, Steph! Go show her some love on her new blog at:

Enjoy! My next post will be a make-up haul, which again is summer inspired! I love to buy new make up for the new seasons haha! :) The haul
will include more Chanel products, Mac and YSL! :)

Love, Abbiee xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Summer dreaming..

Hey everyone! Well, this is my first blog post in agessss!! As you may know from my last quick post, I am beginning to bog again - YAY!

I have been dreaming of summer as I currently full of cold, and always feeling the cold! I enjoy getting wrapped up for winter in big, chunky knits, but at this time of year I am needing the warm sun, and floral tea dresses!
I have being prepping for the summer by buying the odd thing or two.. ;) I currently have an obsession with flowy, girly midi skirts and culottes. I just think they are so feminine and flowy (I am quite a girly girl, so anything floral, vintage looking and flowy, I want it!).
The one problem I face in summer, is that if it is windy and I am wearing a short swirly skirt or a dress, they tend to rise up with the wind! So I'm hoping by buying culottes and midi length things will stop that from happening, hah! I do think they are flattering pieces to wear though!

Anyhoo, here are some clothing I have brought that is waiting to be worn when the sun comes out!

I have a big obsession with floral prints, and when I see gorgeous floral prints on gorgeous fitted dresses, I HAVE to have it!
This dress will be worn a lot by me in summer, I can just see myself in allll the time! I got this dress on ebay, I think I searched
floral tea dresses, or 50's dresses. Isn't it gorgeous!?

These culottes are so bright and flowy and just perfection! I got them in the New Look sale for around £8! Even better!
Again, my love for florals show!

I have grown a love of monochrome this winter, when before I was all about colour! I love black and white together, and when they
are in a print, it's even better! I feel like monochrome is so classy, and my red lipstick stands out against the black and white!
(One thing you will have to learn about me, is that I LOVE a good red lip!)Again,these are from New Look, at £22.99!

This gorgeous midi skirt was around £11 from ebay,(again!) The label it came with was asos, but the skirt is River Island's.
Again, I am a sucker for a polka dot print, and fits with the monochrome look I love, apart from the white looking more cream, I think
the skirt looks so feminine, and I just want to wear it now! Not sure it would be a good look with my big thick, black tights I have been
wearing all winter! Hah!

I got these brogue shoes very recently in TU, Sainsburys. You seriously cannot go wrong with some of the supermarket's own
clothing brand, I sometimes think they are even better than Primark! I got these shoes for around £12 as there was 25% off, and my mum
dragged me to look around, and I spotted these! I love the contrast of colours and the front of the shoe. They will look fab with a
pair of jeans or even a nice dress. When I get out of my boots, these will be first on my feet!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my first blog post in ages! More is yet to come! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and please leave a link to your blog as I have to start and visit new blogs now I am back on the blogsphere! Thank you for reading :)

Love, Abbiee xxx

Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm a-coming baaack!

Well hello!
It has being a long while since I blogged often, but my I have missed it!
I have decided to begin my blog again with a more variety of posts rather than just outfit posts. I have crazily gained an obsession with beauty so a lot of discussion about make up will be happening here! Please do not forget clothes, I still buy new clothes allllll the time...

I'm very excited for this blogging to happen again! There might even be a thought of youtube videos on the way in collab with a friend of mine, who is currently setting up her blog, so watch this space for the link!

The first thing I need to do is bring out my camera and start snapping away again! Oh, and my blog will be adjusting over time, so expect some new things here and there!

Woop woop, let the blogging commence! :)

Love, Abbiee xxx