Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm a-coming baaack!

Well hello!
It has being a long while since I blogged often, but my I have missed it!
I have decided to begin my blog again with a more variety of posts rather than just outfit posts. I have crazily gained an obsession with beauty so a lot of discussion about make up will be happening here! Please do not forget clothes, I still buy new clothes allllll the time...

I'm very excited for this blogging to happen again! There might even be a thought of youtube videos on the way in collab with a friend of mine, who is currently setting up her blog, so watch this space for the link!

The first thing I need to do is bring out my camera and start snapping away again! Oh, and my blog will be adjusting over time, so expect some new things here and there!

Woop woop, let the blogging commence! :)

Love, Abbiee xxx

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