Thursday, 30 August 2012

This is what I’d take for a Milan city break with easyJet Holidays

This is what I’d take for a Milan city break with easyJet Holidays!

  As you lovely readers would know, last week I entered the London Fashion Week Blogger Competition, where for 3 weeks, bloggers can publish a post on their blog about the outfit they would take to a certain place that is listed on the competition page! It is now the 2nd week, and I have chose to go to Milan City with easyJet Holidays! Milan is such a gorgeous City - full of Fashion sources, so I knew I had to make up a fab outfit for a fashionable city!

This whole outfit, is selected from the wonderful shop, Zara. I chose this shop because I just know they have soo many striking pieces of clothing, as well as some classic, plain pieces which are still so wonderful!
  My outfits, in my opinion, always consist of one plain piece and one patterned/striking piece that stands out, so I started to look for the bottoms first, and I came across that skirt above, I knew I would wear it as I am a sucker for tribal printed clothing, and plus it's embellished! 
  Next, I got the pink shirt, I kind of have an obsession for shirts atm, so I knew this beautiful crystal piece would match perfectly!
  Moving on to accessories.. well, I really didn't want any Jewlerry, I felt it would just ruin the whole outfit, so I went straight to the bags to look for a classic piece, and I found just what I was looking for! The gorgeous black bag above looks so vintage and classy - perfect. Finally, the shoes! Well, I was looking for a plain pair, but I just saw the Ballerina pumps and fell in love, too many jewels won't harm one girl.. ;)


  1. Loving all of those picks! That skirt is amazing.


  2. Woww! The patterned skirt is really a striking piece. Embellished ballerina is one to die for.

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  3. wow so in love with the flats!!
    nice blog by the way ;)

    kisses from Russia,

  4. that bag is perfect... omg i need it!! :)
    i love your blog so much, and i just nominated you for a Liebster blog award! <3 check out the post on my blog!

  5. Hello, lovely blog you have!
    I'm a new follower, would you like to follow each other?



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