Monday, 23 July 2012

Abbiee's perfect Summer look!

Hey guys! I wanted to make a new, different post today, and because it's sunny outside, but very windy, I thought I would choose my own, Perfect Summer Look using the clothes and accessories I own! - I hope you enjoy this post :)

 Stock up on the bracelets!

Always include a Cross Bracelet ( I just love this bracelet..)

Try a Festival style and include a head-band

Wear some unique earrings, these are some long ombre fringed earrings!

Wear Stone pendants as necklaces, maybe with a cross necklace if your daring!

Vans = Perfect for Summer, wear with everything and anything!

Get your High-Waisted Shorts out and wear them!

If you remember on my last post, I said I was off to the sea-side! And this is what I wore ^
Comfy and Casual! Not forgetting my Frilly Socks with the Vans :)

So there was my perfect Summer Style, my way! I hope I was a little bit inspirational , and maybe encouraging you to wear more jewellery and accessories in this gorgeous weather!


  1. Great post! Love your outfit :)

  2. I'm definitely starting to stock up on bracelets, I usually more of a necklace lover but I'm turning into a bracelet addict! You look lovely, that shirt is gorgeous xx

  3. Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.

  4. It is the perfect summer style! hehe, got to love frilly socks, they're so adorable~

  5. Oo I love those earrings! I've been stocking up on bracelets this summer too <3

    Ellen xx

  6. great pieces!!

    XO Sahra

  7. Love my vans too they're perfect for lazy summer days x

  8. I love the ombre fringe earrings & your top in the bottom photo xCx

  9. Really want some blue vans!


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