Friday, 5 October 2012

BARGAIN Models Own Nail Polishes!

models own nail polishes - tkmaxx beauty sale

To all you girlies who love their nails coated with Models Own, I have currently got BIG news for you..
TKMaxx are selling them in their Beauty Sale for, 3 packs = £6.00!!!
That is SUCH a bargain as you will pay £5.00 in Boots, etc, for only one nail polish, and in this pack, you get 3 different colours, eeeeeek! I suggest you all get down to your local TKmaxx and go crazy!
I will deffo be heading back tomorrow for some more polishes... tehe! :) 


  1. oh i love getting new nailpolish! i have never tried model's own though!

    xx rae

  2. What a bargain, can't go wrong in TK Maxx!! xx

  3. Pretty colours! :)

    x Eline -


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  5. such a bargain, Ive checked online and cant see them so hoping they have them at my local TK Maxx. Thanks for letting us all know <3 xx

  6. they always have the best color but they chip so easy :(

  7. I'm so jealoussssssss!!! I wish we had Models Own polishes here in the states :(

  8. Ohh that's awesome!!! Thanks for sharing I saw some Essie polishes in there a month or two ago :)

    Robyn Mayday

  9. Right. I need to get me to tk maxx! This is such a good deal!


  10. Ah, they are so good for just £6.00. Bargain! xx

  11. Ooh, I've never used these, but the colors are lovely...


  12. £6?? Amazing! LOVE Models Own and TKMaxx! Defiantly heading there this afternoon, thanks :) cute blog, newest follower :)

    Ruth xxxx

  13. aww thank you so much <3 lovely blog! love these colours. :) xx

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  15. OH MY GOD, I can't believe the price on these! That's such a bargain, think I need to get myself to TK Maxx pretty soonish. These colours are gorgeous too!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog :)) Love yours, followed you too!

    Terri xo -


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