Thursday, 14 June 2012


... having a me moment...

Charity Shop amazing find! £2.99 Floral Corset from Topshop! Too chuffed!

Another amazing Charity Shop find, a studded Tshirt from River Island, only £2.25!

Above Photos:
Cardigan: River Island
T-shirt: H&M
Shorts: Ebay, but from Topshop
Platform Trainers: New Look

Hey everyone! Hoping you're all liking my look today, I felt like I was in a lot of whites & creams in contrast with my very black tights & shoes..

I haven't been up too much today, just College then headed Charity Shop Shopping woopie! I didn't find as much as I wanted, but was made up when I found these two High Street treasures! They will fit in my wardrobe perfectly ;D

Just realised, Friday tomorrow! Finally the weekend, got a few job interviews coming up so fingers crossed! & have a good Friday people, one step closer to the weekend!

Love, Abbiee X X X

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