Friday, 15 June 2012


Meet Maddie, my lovable, always happy, Sasuage Dog :)

My baby!

I have lots of animals...

Top: H&M
Dress (Worn underneath): H&M ( old)
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Platform Trainers: New Look
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Helllo! Yay, it's finally Friday! The weekend is ahead, a very very rainy one apparently.. Oh the British Summer never gets any better... and because of this, I realised I will NEVER wear my Maxi Dress, so I thought I would team it with a plain jumper/sweater and it will fit for this weather we are having, although I may have to pull up the dress to aviod it getting drenched in puddles...

I've just been doing my last minute Fathers Day and Dad's birthday shopping... yep, my Dad's birthday is the day before Fathers Day, lucky! I usually find these two days and Christmas very hard, what can you buy a man that has everything he needs!

I have an job interview tomorrow and I'm really excited, but nervous as I would LOVE it if I got accepted! But we shall see. Tomorrow I will be posting about what I am going to wear to the interview, and it's very monochrome style so hopefully you will looove it as much as I do!

Have a fab weekend!

Love, Abbie X X X


  1. I love your skirt so much & so happy to be your first follower, woo! Great blog!xo

    1. Awwh thank you sooo much sweetie! :) woo! my first follwer with an awesome blog! :) xxx

  2. Haha 2nd follower! thanks for your my lovely blog comment,much appreciated! :) xxx

  3. Great look!! And great blog you have, check mine if you like.


  4. Great maxi skirt, hope you did well at your interview!


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