Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Top - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - Topshop
Necklace - Vintage
Sunglasses - Primark
Vans - Office

Woo! Finally a little bit of sun showing in England for once! Hope you are all outside enjoying the, appently it's ment it rain all day tomorrow. cry cry...
Well my outfuit today includes one of my fave new pieces; the Topshop Dip Dye Skirt! I have a huge thing for dye/dip dye/tie dye right now, it really is fun to wear and is very effective! Oooh, and if any of you where thinking, what a random Post Name she has put... I got my idea from the skirt! It almost looks like the colour has been burnt off! (My Imagination, I know..)
I love this necklace I'm wearing, I brought it from a Vintage Fair for 50p or £1! Was chuffed! The necklace is almost like a stone held in place in it's cage!

SUMMER! I've finally finished College for the Summer wooo! That first year has gone by sooo quickly I'm scared of how fast the rest of my life is going to go by arrgh!! :(

Right now, I'm chilling in the sun, eating Ice-Pops, (ate 3 so far, need more... yum!) and later I'm going to my Boyfriend's House to help him with his Theory Exam coming up! Fingers crossed for him! What are you all up to lately this week!? :)


  1. such a pretty skirt! and i love your necklace too :)

  2. i wanted to buy this skirt so badly today!!!
    you look lovely!

    1. awwh! i say, GET IT! :)
      thank you sweetie! - i'm loving your blog! :)

  3. that skirt is gorgeous! everything dip dye is perfect for summer I think ;) x

    1. it sure is! :) i know, i have an obsession with dip dye atm! ;D xxx

  4. really love the skirt, going to check out topshop for it now! xo

    1. hehe! glad i influenced you to look it up ;D it is a beautiful skirt! xxx

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