Thursday, 21 June 2012


Top - Charity Shop (But is from Topshop!!)
Jeans - New Look

Hiiii everyone! :) Just wanting to say thank you allll for the LOVELY comments I get from you all! You are all sweeties!! :)
So yeah, today was abso throwing it down with rain, and I did NOT wear the outfit above today! It was took on a nice sunny day, not like today... I haven't really had time to take photos of my outfit today as been shopping, headed to orthodontists, now having a meal with my cousin and her boyfriend :) Plus, it's an awful dark day to take photos boohoo :(

I hit the Topshop sale today and got TWO pairs of Shorts for under £30 yipppee! I shall post them sometime as an outfit ;) All I know is Rihanna owns one of the shorts I have brought! (Hint hint!)
I also went to the orthodontist's to see when I get my braces off, and that will be in August! YAYS! (Yes I have braces, and noo I am not going to smile showing my teeth urgh! :P)

This outfit is really simple, but was perfect for a summer's day and I went for a bike ride in it, so was comfy :P I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this corset/bodice in a charity shop for £3! Espec when it was from Topshop, I squealed!!

Anddddd Friday is here again tomorrow! I hope your all going to have a great weekend :D

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